Greeting from Management
The way ahed is now clear. Keep reaching for new possibilities with courage and joy.

In 2009, SUNWELL sets forth on a new challenge with spirit.
Though time changes like the ocean sky, SUNWELL is fearlessly making its way.
We know that an infinite future spreads out before us.
The challenge of exploring the possibilities of textile fashion as a global enterprise will continue.

Be a company that can build its future with thoughtflness for people

We are here to serve our customers and bring them happiness.
This fundamental principle forms the basis of our work.
SUNWELL continues to come up with original and dynamic ideas,
providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers.
By pursuing growth under the gSPA-oriented corporate Group,"
which integrates textiles, garments, apparel, retail and IT all under one roof,
we firmly believe that we will be able to help customers create a prosperous future.
By creating timeless products, and cultivating the ability of each and every employee,
we aim for a future where SUNWELL is recognized as a leading company in the world.